Here’s how to do Goa right

Here’s how to do Goa right

This Indian beach town is a vegetarian haven for the health-conscious travelling foodie.


The laid-back coastal region of Goa has been a famous beach destination since the hippie heyday of the 1970s. Today Goa continues to attract people seeking spirituality or a new direction in life. Many practice yoga and Ahimsa, the ancient tradition of non-violence. The quest for healing and detoxing also often incorporate a healthy, plant-based diet.

“There’s more awareness of the importance of clean food here in Goa compared to what I see in other parts of India,” says Goa native Vijaya Pais. After jetting around the world for years as a flight attendant, she returned home to become a photographer, blogger, and spokesperson for an organic food and healing event called New Earth Gathering in North Goa.

According to Pais, Goa’s culinary scene has seen big changes in the past seven years. “The quality of the food and the restaurants has improved a lot while still meeting the detox needs of the people travelling here. You can find many interesting fusion vegan restaurants that use local, ecologically grown clean ingredients to make healthy dishes inspired by the Indian kitchen,” she says.

Text Alex Leander
Photos Vesa Salmi
Video Alex Leander and Vesa Salmi


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