Stroll along Kolkata’s heartbeat

Follow photographer Tim Bird as he rediscovers the Hooghly Riverfront and possibly one of the most romantic places in the City of Joy.


[↑] The Howrah Bridge is one of Kolkata’s iconic landmarks. A stroll along its 700-metre span at rush hour is an essential Kolkata experience.

[↑] The bathing ghats close to Howrah Bridge are lined with shrines and markets and are a popular evening gathering place.

[↑] Young couples enjoy a romantic stroll through Millennium Park, a riverside walkway close to Kolkata’s commercial heart.

[↑] As in any Indian town or city, the aromas of street food are a constant feature in Kolkata’s markets.

[↑] Fairground attractions in Millennium Park on the eastern shore of the Hooghly are popular with local and visiting families.

[↑] A neatly presented floral display at Mullick Ghat Flower Market near the eastern end of Howrah Bridge.

[↑] Football at sunset close to the ferry jetties and eastern ghats of the Hooghly.

Text and photos Tim Bird


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