Explore the mindblowing beauty of Iceland

Follow photographer and outdoor adventure writer Marinella Himari on a photo journey around magical Iceland and witness its breathtaking scenery.

GLYMUR [↑] After an hour or so ascending a steep and slippery hike, visitors are rewarded by a spectacular view of the grand and magnificent Glymur waterfall (198 m). Glymur waterfall is located in Hvalfjörður fjord in West Iceland, about an hour’s drive from Reykjavík.

SELJALANDSFOSS [↑] Situated on the South Coast of Iceland close to the Ring Road lies the mesmerising Seljalandsfoss with its 65-metres waterfall. What makes this site so special is the footpath that winds behind the falls. Be sure to wear waterproof clothes and keep your camera safe – you’ll get wet but it’s totally worth it.

DYRHÓLAEY LIGHTHOUSE AND ARCH [↑] Guarding the rough sea on the southernmost point in Iceland is the beautiful castle-like Dyrhólaey (“door hole”) Lighthouse, which is a must visit on the way to the famous Black Sands. The place received its name from the massive arch that has eroded from the headland.

THE WAR ON THE LUPINE PLANT [↑] Due to climate change, the beautiful but invasive lupine plant is taking over the landscape of the island. Nature conservation activists are working hard to destroy the purplish-blue plants in order to protect the distinctive woolly moss, known in Icelandic as gray moss, which covers the lava.

FJAĐRÁRGLJÚFUR [↑] Up to 100 metres deep and about two kilometres long, the magnificent and picturesque Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon is home to the glacial Fjaðrá River. A good time to visit is in May when the scenery is just like a colour palette of every shade of green.

DIAMOND BEACH [↑] Nature lovers and photographers dream about Diamond Beach, where ice diamonds wash up on shore. Just on the other side of the road is the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. Be sure not to miss this dreamy place!

STONE MAMMOTH [↑] Magic is all around so always keep your eyes open when travelling through Iceland. You might find this huge stone mammoth that has yet to be listed on any of the main sightseeing sites of Iceland. If you are lucky enough, you may find the secret journey to the Center of the Earth like German professor Otto Lidenbrock did in the famous novel written by Jules Verne.

Photos Marinella Himari


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