How to spa like a Swede

How to spa like a Swede

An hour’s drive from Gothenburg lies Varberg, Sweden’s most spa-dense town. See our top tips for an unforgettable Nordic spa experience.


Since the 19th century, people have travelled to the western Swedish coastal town of Varberg to bathe and drink themselves back to health and prosperity. Although the well that supplied the town with salubrious mineral water has long since dried up, it has paved the way for many a spa.

Try a seaweed massage at Kusthotell

A must when visiting Sweden’s principal spa town is going for a soak in heated sea water while being massaged with hand-harvested seaweed. Varberg Kusthotell has Sweden’s only Thalasso spa and one of its treatments is the traditional Varberg seaweed bath and massage, in which the beneficial minerals of the seaweed and the salty waters boost energy levels and create a sense of harmony.

Go skinny-dipping at an open-air bath

The Swedes aren’t shy about shedding their clothes. At the historic Varberg kallbadhus open-air bath, skinny-dipping is a requisite, with men and women given access to their own half of the stilted building. Each section has a separate sauna, which comes in handy when temperatures dip below zero.

Enjoy international spa influences in Varberg

Text Micha Van Dinther
Photos Mikael Lundblad


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