Uncovered in Bergen: 5 off-the-eaten-path

Uncovered in Bergen: 5 off-the-eaten-path

Norway’s second city is a culinary treat for coffee lovers and romantics alike.        


Historic haute cuisine on the harbour

This is how all good seafood restaurants should be. Perched right on the harbour, in the heart of Bergen’s iconic Bryggen district. Time-honoured Enhjorningen matches friendly service and panoramic views with quaint decor and a menu boasting the freshest fruits of the sea. Start with the superb fiskesuppe (fish soup) and round things off with the bizarre sounding yet insanely delicious brown cheese ice cream.

On a coffee mission

Norwegians are serious about their coffee – consuming more cupfuls per year than any other European nation except Finland. Located close to the harbour, the chic Kaffemisjonen converts customers to the divine side of coffee with its heavenly selection of pour-over and espresso drinks. Offering blends from some of Norway’s finest roasting companies this is the perfect place to get your Bergen caffeine fix.

All at sea on an island

A meal at Cornelius is both a gustatory experience and a journey. Located on the small island of Holmen, this high-end restaurant enjoys a spectacular position overlooking the fjords. As you might expect from an eaterie founded by a shellfish diver, exquisitely prepared seafood dominates culinary proceedings.

Cinnamon fix in town

After a morning walking the streets, there’s no better way to recharge the batteries than a coffee and skillingsboller (literally “shilling bun”), a tasty, cinnamon and cardamon-laden bun with a history that dates back over a century. First crafted in Bergen by local resident Ferdinand Brun in the 1890s (and costing a shilling), these soft, doughy, lightly-spiced treats are best enjoyed at one of the city’s cosy Baker Brun outlets.

Subterranean supping in a hotel

The prize for Bergen’s most romantic dining venue has to go to the Altona Wine Bar and Kitchen, located in the cellar of the Agustin Hotel. Dating back around 400 years old, this intimate space – complete with low-beamed ceilings and candle-lit alcoves – offers fine dining and the second largest wine selection in Norway.


Text and photos Daniel Allen
Main photo Lachlan Gowen



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