Want to experience the best of the happiest country in the world?

Want to experience the best of the happiest country in the world?

Finnair’s digital Now/here travel service takes you to the home of Nordic happiness.


Have you ever dreamed about seeing the magical auroras dancing in the sky or imagined yourself floating in a hole carved out of a frozen lake?  Now you can find these and other handpicked travel experiences, high-quality accommodations, and flights – all in one place – through Finnair’s digital Now/here travel service.

Check out the perfect combo of quirkiness and wellbeing and create a truly unforgettable adventure in Finland with Now/here.

Wellbeing and Nature: Health and happiness from the wilderness

Feel the purifying power of the forest and its soothing silence with experiences such as trekking beneath the starry sky,  snowshoeing in a national park, capturing auroras, and power from the nature photography excursion.

Or plan your dream trip for summer 2020 with an unforgettable midnight sun fishing adventure. You’ll be surrounded by the continuous magical light of the midnight sun when sunset merges into sunrise.

Sweat and Adrenaline: Arctic nature activities

Fancy some adrenaline filled outdoor adventures? Let nature challenge and mesmerise you with ice climbing, aurora ice floating, or a Lapland multi-taster, where you experience Lapland’s most popular activities – a snowmobile ride, huskies, and reindeer – all in one day.

Arctic Flavours: Taste of the North

Savour authentic Nordic flavours in an atmospheric setting. The aurora borealis picnic takes you to the best spots to catch the stunning Northern Lights. You’ll also enjoy a traditional Lappish picnic while admiring the Arctic magic.

Get inspired and start your Arctic adventure at travelnowhere.com


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