Dive into the surreal beauty of the Maldives

Dive into the surreal beauty of the Maldives

Finnish photographer Vuokko Salo takes us on a visual journey of the Maldives archipelago, a group of atolls that beckon honeymooners, surfers, and dreamers.


[↑]  Everything in the Maldives happens in water or right by it. A sleepy atmosphere lingers at the Ayada Maldives resort where most of the guests are couples on their honeymoon.

The best place to admire the surfers comes with a natural shade from the sun. The nearby Cokes surf spot is the best in the area and the view is always impressive.

[↑]  The island of Thulusdhoo is one of the most popular amongst backpacking surfers. Alcohol is prohibited but there’s plenty of fresh coconut water to refresh the weary surfers.

[↑] Coke’s surf camp in Thulusdhoo starts them young! The island is inhabited by locals and makes for a relaxed and cost-efficient alternative to the resorts.

[↑]  Leaving nothing but footprints behind on a desert island in the Huvadhoo Atoll. The Maldives are made up of over 1,000 islands, most of them uninhabited.

A day visit to the Ayada Maldives resort is a chance to soak in the luxurious atmosphere without the price tag. You can rent a bike, enjoy spa treatments, or go snorkelling.

Text and photos Vuokko Salo