How to dress like a New Yorker

How to dress like a New Yorker

Photographer Liisa Jokinen documents the wonderfully eclectic street styles of New York City.


[↑] “I get all my clothes from thrift shopping with friends because it is fun, inexpensive, and good for the environment! I love rainbows, glitter, and baggy clothes that show my pride. I spent so long in the closet, now I want everyone who looks at me to know I am gay.”
Sabrina, 17

“This outfit was inspired by the ­culture of the black church. I have the clearest memories of growing up and seeing the men in these clean bulky suits and women with their extravagant church hats. And in a culture where we merge the roles of men and women, I decided to merge these two elements to serve a meaningful fit.”
Cameron, 19

[↑] “All my clothes are designed and made by hand by me. My kiltie trainers are from Vivienne Westwood, and my shopper tote is from a farmers’ market. Boris Vian, Luis Buñuel, James Rosenquist, James Lovelock, and Josef Albers all inspire me. Skyscrapers and the New York City skyline are my current and lasting favourites.”
Mark, 54

“I consider fashion joyful, playful, and an escape from the difficulties of life. I’m a maximalist. If one of something is good, then two or three is even better. I get great pleasure from colour, and from matching colours. I pride myself on cohesive chaos. I also often describe my style as ridiculous, luxurious, sarcastic, and fantastic.”
Josh, 40

[↑] “Six years ago I started making my own clothes because I was bored with what was available. My garments are all hand-printed, cut, and sewn by me. Pink and purple wake me up in the morning but that might change tomorrow.”
Tim, 42

“My clothes reflect who I am as a woman of colour. I celebrate my “Africanness” with pride. I am thrilled to be able to step out of my home in Brooklyn, walk a few blocks, and shop for something that’s ‘me.’ I want to be comfortable thus I dress for comfort. If you are comfortable you are confident. My philosophy? Wear yourself.”

[↑] “Today I was aiming for a disco style. Honestly, my style comes from the people around me. My best friends and I share all our clothes so we always mix things up. I truly think any piece of clothing can be a gold mine if paired right.”
Ali, 21

“I’m wearing a late ’40s suit with a ’20s Art Deco scarf, and a ’40s bakelite hand pin. Very cabaret. The old great movies and stars inspire me. I like to mix all periods and patterns all the time. I don’t really follow the trends; I have my brain and imagination.”
Bruce, 59

Text and photos Liisa Jokinen

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