Amos Rex

Immerse yourself in Helsinki’s alternative reality space

Amos Rex’s inaugural exhibit by Japanese art collective teamLab takes visitors on an immersive journey through water, light, creatures, and flowers.

[↑] teamLab: Massless features five digital artworks created by digital projection and an LCD screen-based display. Amos Rex is a 2,200 square-metre underground gallery space in the heart of Helsinki.

Amos Rex

[↑] Vortex of Light Particles is teamLab’s newest digital installation and features in Amos Rex’s largest space, which is a vast domed roof underneath a courtyard. The movement of a waterfall being sucked up by a vortex  creates the light and sound installation.

Amos Rex

[↑] Tokyo-based teamLab liberates the physical from the digital in its multimedia artwork titled Massless.Through digitally rendered representations of natural phenomena, viewers engage with art and nature.

[↑] In Black Waves, a sea of crashing waves is simulated by a computer generated three-dimensional space. Visitors immerse themselves in a continuous loop of waves in water accompanied by chill piano music.

Amos Rex

[↑] Visitors to this active ecosystem of plants and animals are immersed into a psychedelic maze. Graffiti Nature is based on projections of creatures that grow and vanish, and react to guests walking through the space or touching the walls with their hands.

Amos Rex

[↑] The real-time installation of Crows is an intense and fast-moving look at a flock of birds. Accompanied by dizzying music, crows crash into each other, scatter, and then turn into flowers.

Text Shelly Nyqvist
Photos Jasmin Rauha


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