Make the most of your summer in Finland

Make the most of your summer in Finland

Look no further than here for seven fun and different events.


Pride with no prejudice

This year’s Helsinki Pride is louder than ever as the theme of the week is “voice.” In addition to the annual parade, two new concepts – Pride Lab and Pride Talks – are introduced, while the Pride House event centre offers panel discussions and workshops. Spread out over seven days and 50 locations, Helsinki Pride supports the human rights and wellbeing of LGBTIQ people. Whether you are marching, cheering, or listening, don’t miss the glitz and glam of the closing party.
June 25 – July 1



Uncovering the undercover

Photo Timo Hämäläinen

Touko Laaksonen (aka Tom of Finland) spent his entire life undercover but today every souvenir and design shop carries his drawings on mugs, aprons, or bed linens. Laaksonen’s success as an illustrator of homoerotic drawings came 26 years after his death. The Tom of Finland Experience tour takes you to the Helsinki streets where Laaksonen wandered as a young graphic designer. Every Friday in English.
June 29 – October 26



Children of opera

Photo Gray Beard

The Savonlinna Opera Festival takes a leap of faith in the country’s love affair with heavy metal. Finnish band Children of Bodom – something of a household name in metal circles – performs with Lost Society in Savonlinna’s medieval castle amidst spectacular scenery. How’s that for metal ambiance? One thing hasn’t changed: The Savonlinna Opera Festival has always had hardcore musicians.
July 5 – August 8



Finnish flower power

Photo Kosmos Festival

Kosmos is an enchanted forest that can’t be explained, only experienced. But visually and audibly the Kosmos Festival goes like this: a colourful deep forest setting, squelching, freaky Finland trance, local food, happy dancing vegans, hypnotic techno, and circus performers. Kosmos is flower power in the Finnish countryside with a psychedelic twist.
July 6 – 8



Lakeside backdrop

Photo Maarit Kytöharju

Iconic Finnish artists such as Jean Sibelius, Pekka Halonen, Juhani Aho, and Venny Soldan-Brofelt lived and worked on the shores of Lake Tuusula and to this day the area is still bubbling and celebrating creativity. It’s here where Our Festival takes place – a bold and open-minded festival, constantly seeking fresh approaches to music and concert practices. The concert venues are anything from a living room to a church or a forest.
July 22 – 28



Dancing across borders

Photo Søren Meisner

A full moon lingers over dancers in Pyhäjärvi, in central Finland. This year’s Full Moon Dance Festival highlights the importance of intercultural dialogue. Guest performers from Europe, Africa, and Asia show us that to communicate across cultural borders is just a question of skimming whichever surface.
July 25 – 29



Tickle your taste buds

Photo Matias Haapsaari

Enjoy mouth-watering food, sip wine, and keep your taste buds happy. For foodies, the city of Turku has good news: The courtyard of Forum Marinum, the maritime museum, turns into a food mecca where restaurants and pop-ups serve what they do best. For fans of locally produced craft beer and cider, the Turku Food & Wine Festival has 160 square metres of design tents reserved for breweries.
July 26 – 28


Text Carina Chela
Helsinki Pride photo Alejandro Lorenzo


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