Move over Alps, the next skiing hotspot comes from Japan

Sapporo is the place to be for snow sports and hearty Japanese comfort food.

[↑] The forests near the Furano slopes offer seemingly endless tree-skiing opportunities for adventurous souls, as long as they are up on their backcountry skiing skills and carry safety gear in case of avalanches.

[↑] The enchanting Ningle Terrace is a cluster of small stores and workshops where artisans sell their handicrafts, from jewellery to paintings, while the little café offers hot drinks and pastries.


[↑] Ikuko Hino washes her hands and mouth with icy water before entering a Shinto shrine. This is considered a spiritual cleansing in the ancient religion that’s still present in the everyday lives of many Japanese.


[↑] Besides the cosy atmosphere, the Robata serves freshly grilled mackerel, sizzling gyoza dumplings, and full-flavoured miso. The relaxed Japanese-style pub is particularly popular amongst the younger crowd.


[↑] British news anchor and freestyler Keme Nzerem enjoys the powder on the hills of Furano. Hokkaido often gets tens of metres of snow in a season, making it ideal for off-piste skiing.

Photos Mikko Nikkinen


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