Reimagining the signature scent

Reimagining the signature scent

It’s said that perfume was reserved for the gods, and there is definitely something otherworldly about finding a great fragrance. Britain’s first classically trained nose, Lyn Harris knows the importance of finding the ideal scent.


Inspired by everything from her childhood trips to Scotland and the “damp, wet, and mossy” landscapes of Yorkshire to the lilacs and pines near her north London home, Lyn Harris has created scents for Jane Birkin and Manolo Blahnik, establishing brand Miller Harris before setting up her boutique perfumery, Perfumer H in 2015.

Offering a seasonal collection of scents and candles, the Marylebone atelier also provides a bespoke fragrance service, whereby Harris will craft your own, one-of-a-kind scent.

Lyn Harris creates her signature scents in her lab in Marylebone, London.

Signature scents on display.

Perfumer H’s resident Border Terrier, Pop.

“What I’m creating are beautiful smells that give way to a feeling, an emotion, a picture, a painting, or a name… and the story they portray,” says Harris.

At a time when consumers are demanding a more personal, unique experience, Perfumer H’s products couldn’t be more fitting.

“People want to see the process, rather than getting a faceless product, and a product that doesn’t speak to them,” says Harris. “I think it’s very telling of the era that we’re living in.”

Text Laura Feasey
Photos George Baxter


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