What’s up in August in Finland

What’s up in August in Finland

Read on for our quickie guide to happenings around the country.



The city takes the stage

Photo Cata Portin / Tampereen teatterikesä

If you have a taste for the dramatic, then look no further than the artsy city of Tampere. The Tampere Theatre Festival offers edgy, experimental, and brand spanking new Finnish and international productions to pick, pluck, and tickle your brains, feathers, and whatever else needs attention. Don’t miss  out on the Great Nocturnal Happening, a much-awaited carnivalistic event on August 9th.
August 6 – 12

Hidden gems of chamber music

Photo Rauma Festivo / Diego Casiraghi

Rauma Festivo takes place in the streets, gardens, backyards, and concert halls of this charming city, renowned for its wooden house district. The festival programme is a delectable combo of classics and lesser-known gems. In addition to its musical treasures, Old Rauma is a step back in time, perfect for roaming around with a camera and finding your own hidden chamber.
August 7 – 11

Hip Hop don’t drop

Photo Uwa Iduozee

Blockfest is the biggest hip-hop festival in the Nordic countries. This year’s festival has an impressive roster of acts as it continues to showcase the legends of hip-hop culture alongside the new generation of artists. The city of Tampere is the proud host of Blockfest and the festival wears its values on its sleeve, promoting equality and standing up against racism.
August 17–18

For the love of garlic

Photo iStock

The Garlic Festival is a bulbous one-day affair so make the most of it! Here you’ll find close to 100 stalls selling garlic and garlic-related products – and you can finally talk Allium Sativum all day long. The festival guarantees a laid-back vibe, music, and no vampires. Take the R or Z train from Helsinki and jump off in Kerava.
August 18

All that Finnish jazz

Photo Maarit Kytöharju

Take a short ferry ride from Helsinki city centre to the small idyllic island of Suomenlinna where you can enjoy top-notch local jazz musicians performing in 18th-century buildings. The Viapori Jazz Festival conjoins acclaimed jazz veterans and rising stars. Just one word of advice: The charming cobblestone roads of the historic fortress island are best traversed in comfy shoes rather than stilettos!
August 21–25

Melting pot of food and art

Photo Julius Konttinen

The Food & Art Festival in Mänttä, in western Finland, is a veritable feast for the senses, combining fine dining experiences with the artistic pleasures of the Serlachius Museums. Among the highlights is an interactive lunch prepared with the guests by boundary-breaking Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen.
August 23–25

Unplugged in a lighthouse

Photo Nora Wilson

Bengtskär is a jaw-dropping lighthouse, a magnificent monument to the seafarers of the Baltic Sea located at the entrance of the Gulf of Finland. Staying overnight in the lighthouse, surrounded by the howling wind is truly an unforgettable experience. It’s the perfect place for an unplugged, relaxed weekend. There’s literally not much to do but stare at the sea.
Daily cruises until August 26, but accessible by taxi boat or own boat until end of September


Text Carina Chela
Photo (top) Ibrahim Sekersöz


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