A name to sew know

A name to sew know

Anni Salonen is passionate about fabrics and her aesthetics celebrate a new urban European culture.


She dresses in clothes from second-hand shops, enjoys reusing fabric for her own designs, and almost fainted on stage when the international panel gave her the Näytös18 Award — one of ­Finland’s most anticipated fashion events — for her debut collection. Anni Salonen’s designs are a playful mixture of New Age traveller subcultures, colours, and shapes from traditional Romani clothing, all pieced together with an urbane modern twist. Salonen is currently on the global radar of creative directors and talent seekers.

The key to Salonen’s design process is spontaneity and her “it’s enough if I like it” work philosophy. “I don’t draw or plan much. I work very intuitively. It suits my creative process and the way I love to experiment with materials and fabrics,” explains Salonen, who is a ­graduate from Finland’s prestigious Aalto University. Her wonderfully original ­fabrics utilise a whole raft of techniques from layered cloqué printing — that gives the fabric a quilted look — to machine knitting and digital printing.

Text Carina Chela
Photo Jasmin Rauha


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