Are you a romantic?

Are you a romantic?

Amid today’s instant messaging channels, chats, and dating apps, love letters are becoming a rapidly disappearing art form.


Yet, there is something powerfully romantic and touching about an actual, physical love letter. So believe Maria Vilenius and Léa Faytre, whose Paris-based Le Mot d’Amour service specialises in creating beautifully handwritten letters and cards for customers to send to their loved ones.

“Handwriting is a vanishing art form, yet a beautifully handcrafted piece of text is often a much warmer, personal, and precious way of expressing your true feelings than just typing,” says Vilenius, the company’s calligraphy expert.

Vilenius herself discovered calligraphy by accident. Originally from Finland, she had studied graphic design in France when she was recruited by a company that creates invitations and greeting cards for luxury brands for fashion weeks or other special events.

Vilenius and Faytre started their love letter company two years ago, and business has really taken off. Unsurprisingly, Valentine’s Day is the busiest time of year, with Vilenius scribing hundreds of love letters in the lead-up week.

“Most of the time people simply want to express how much they care about somebody. We’re just the middleman in the romance,” says Vilenius.

Text and photo Amanda Soila


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