Dance like your life depends on it

Dance like your life depends on it

Well versed in the best places to dance until the wee hours, musician DJ Samson shares her top 5 clubs for getting happy and sweaty in New York, LA, and Berlin.


1. PAT, New York

My party in Brooklyn. (Quite literally, as JD Samson hosts it.) It is my favourite party in the world. And I’m not just tooting my own horn. It is happy people listening to happy DJs that are all there for the right reasons. There are people chatting, and sweating, and it’s free. Which is my favourite part of it. I am blessed it has been going for almost six years. I tear up just thinking about all of the joy it has brought me.


Great party in LA, that also tours around the world. I love the vibe, the promoters, and the DJs. It is always a positive place to be.

3. BATTLE HYMN, New York

Ladyfag is a force! She creates the most inclusive line-ups and can really build a scene. She has several parties with different vibes and music styles, and she succeeds in every endeavour she begins. Last year she had a festival, which I played, that was one of the best vibes I have ever been a part of. I am super-lucky to play her events.


I just went to the party for the first time, and it was the best vibe. (And it’s also free.) All music with horns, focusing most on soul and funk. I went to see my friend Rimarkable, who is one of the best DJs in the entire world! She has so much feeling in her heart and it comes through so well in her spinning.

5. BUTTONS, Berlin

Berlin is the mecca of party. Buttons is perfect. The best feeling is to play your music to smiling people who have been partying for hours, in the sun. Really and truly if I could do that every day, my life would be very much filled with love.


Text Katja Pantzar
Photo Kristiina Wilson


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