Flashback Friday: starlets of the sky

Flashback Friday: starlets of the sky

Finnair was founded 95 years ago in November 1923 – and the age of flying has surely developed since then. So, buckle up and join us for a walk down memory lane as Blue Wings recants the pleasures of modern globetrotting.


When Finnair flight attendants first took to the skies in 1947 it was not all glam and glitz. The new recruits had to undergo rigorous training. They had to pass a pressure test to make sure their sinuses could handle any change in cabin pressure, survive sitting in a spinning chair without being sick, endure a fitness assessment, and pass a language test. Many flight attendants were also trained nurses and expected to administer injections if needed.

Traditionally considered a women’s occupation until the late ‘50s, a career as a flight attendant was the door to a globetrotting lifestyle – gaining access to international luxury goods, fashion, and culture. Their chic uniform had the power to make anyone look and feel like a million dollars! The dark blue wool suit was adorned with gold buttons and topped with a flight cap. A fashionable silk scarf, understated jewellery, a light makeup look, and a coiffed hairdo completed the ensemble.


In-flight service

Text Laura Iisalo
Photos Finnish Aviation Museum archive collections / Finnair Oyj


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