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Fresh off the back of being chosen Finland’s Textile Designer of the Year 2018, Johanna Gullichsen has opened a brand-new flagship store in Helsinki’s Erottaja district. The gorgeous space by Poiat Architects provides an airy showcase for the growing collection, which includes fresh additions such as Moroccan-inspired babouche slippers by Terhi Pölkki. “After working all these years, it feels great to receive this recognition,” says the designer. “And finally our spacious new shop enables us to show our whole concept, everything from small accessories to big rugs.”

Shhh… it’s a library!

Image Ala Architects

While most countries are busy cutting their library budgets, Finland is spending 98 million euros to build the new Helsinki Central Library, a state-of-the-art monument to the nation’s passion for books. Looking at this amazing landmark by ALA Architects — incorporating a cinema, sauna, and recording studio — “musty” is definitely the last word that springs to mind. Finland’s love affair with libraries is also celebrated by Mind-Building, the Finnish exhibition at this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale showcasing Finland’s leading role in shaping the libraries of the future. The entire Pavilion of Finland will be transformed into a temporary library space from May 24 to November 25. The Helsinki Central Library opens in December.

Heavy nettle

It seems almost ironic that nettle — a barbed plant painful to touch — is ­luxuriously skin-friendly as a textile fibre. Aino Kovalainen has created a new ready-to-wear eco-brand called Nokonen, which combines nettle fabrics with bold prints, transforming “unwanted weeds” into breezy summer clothing.


Bags of sunshine

Sun’s out, surf’s up: Pack a picnic and carry your cares to the beach in a fun, fresh tote.


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