The secret behind Finland’s beanie power

The secret behind Finland’s beanie power

In a world of mass-produced goods, handmade items are a rarity.


Finnish family business Myssyfarmi (Beanie Farm) has taken this concept to the extreme: When you buy one of their woolly hats, you always know who made it and where the material came from.

That’s because Myssyfarmi hats are knitted by a group of retired Finnish grandmothers who personally sign each beanie. The dozen grandmas are all from or near the rural Finnish town of Pöytyä, where the owners, Janne and Anna Rauhansuu, live on an organic farm with their four children.

Though the “beanie grandmas” are active seniors, knitting has become a core part of their identity, says Anna, the designer of Myssyfarmi’s hats. The grandmas meet once a month to chat, drink coffee, and knit new hats – about 40 per month per knitter.

“The hats are made here in Finland from Finnsheep wool, which is as soft as Merino wool. They also come with a lifetime warranty,” says Anna. If your beanie ever unravels, you can send it back to be repaired.

Anna and Janne Rauhansuu

Myssyfarmi was established in 2009, but its ­origins date back to 2006 when Janne, a former professional windsurfing champion, was living in Switzerland. After falling in love with a friend’s handmade beanie, he taught himself to knit, and the Davos skiing community loved his beanies. The first one he made is still on ­display in the Teufi village mountain café.

Today Myssyfarmi’s hats are sold in 13 countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Korea, and Japan. The beanies are also sold in the Finnair Shop and onboard certain Lapland flights.

Text Mirva Lempiäinen


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