Three Instagrammable ice creams worth the calories

Three Instagrammable ice creams worth the calories

Macha ice cream has been the go-to Asian cool treat for a while now. This summer, the top spot could well be stolen by one of these desserts.

#mochiicecream. Brightly coloured mochi balls, made of sticky rice and usually filled with sweet red bean paste, are a Japanese dessert favourite. A number of cafés have recently taken this traditional treat to new heights by filling the morsels with ice cream. The most recent innovation comes from London-based Little Moons, who specialise in “mochi pops,” a stack of mochi balls on a skewer.

#thairolledicecream. Thailand’s frozen gift to the world, rolled ice cream, has won the hearts of ice-cream lovers in the US and is rapidly conquering Europe. These tiny rolls of yumminess are usually packed in a cup and topped with anything from cream to gummy bears. Watching the vendors prepare the rolls is probably as much fun as eating them.

#ubeicecream. Social media has fallen in love with Filipino ube ice cream. Made of purple yam, this photo-worthy treat is a variation on a traditional Filipino dessert. And the lavender-hued beauty is an Instagram favourite not only for its luscious looks: originating from the same family of root vegetables as the sweet potato, it is said to be rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Text by Amanda Soila Photos by Euna Park and iStock

This article is published in the May-June 2017 issue of Blue Wings.