Travel trend: run where you vacay

Travel trend: run where you vacay

Today there are more people running marathons than ever before. In the US alone, a record-breaking 550,000 runners completed the distance in 2014. Swept up in the momentum of the endurance boom is the run-cation: the combination of a destination vacation with an epic running event.

“Travel has become part of the runner’s lifestyle and a marathon provides the catalyst for travelling to places that one wouldn’t normally go,” says Thom Gillian, president of Marathon Tours & Travel.

Conventionally, big city marathons are the go-to destination runs. From the largest in New York (over 50,000 runners) to the fastest in Berlin (holds consecutive world record times) these urban races are packed with cheering fans and are full of entertainment and great eating for the running globetrotter to indulge in before and after the race. Travelling with a running club or charity group is also a handy way to take part in city tours and pre-race inspiration dinners.

Remote and exotic destinations are also becoming major draws. The Two Oceans Marathon, a weekend of events in Cape Town, South Africa, includes an ultra-marathon, a half-marathon as well as trail races. As shared by Darren Smith, a runner and blogger who travelled from London to run the race in 2015, “It is the ultimate weekend, a glorious run plus all the extras: great wineries, wildlife and scenery. I now have memories to last a lifetime.”

Text by Matt Mitchell  Photos by Marathon Tours & Travel

Remote and exotic destinations such as Antarctica are becoming major draws for runners.


This article is published in the September 2015 issue of Blue Wings





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