What’s bubbling under in Finnish design

What’s bubbling under in Finnish design

Essential news items from Finland


Sauna or shrine?

Lonna Sauna has been selected as one of Finland’s top 16 buildings of 2016–2018 in the Finnish Biennial Architectural Review. Sculpted entirely from wood, this architectural gem offers an intimate bathing experience and serene sea views from its loft-like steam rooms. “The sauna is similar to a church, like a shrine for a primitive Ugric rite – a rite of washing your cares away,” says architect Anssi Lassila. His office OOPEAA Architects have recently won a competition for another unique bathing venue: a floating sea pool concept for the Allas Sea Pool family.
Lonna Sauna is 15 minutes by ferry from Helsinki’s Market Square, open until September 29, €16 for two hours.

3 x neck and neck

As the weather gets cooler, so do you. Keep warm the tubular way.


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