10 onboard essentials that fly to the Big Apple

10 onboard essentials that fly to the Big Apple

Did you know that no fewer than 20,000 everyday items are onboard every Finnair Helsinki-New York flight? And that’s not including passengers, crew, and luggage! Surprised?


Fleece blankets

Finnair introduced its popular Marimekko blanket in 2013. Passengers cherish its warmth, size, and of course style. The print is the iconic Marimekko Kivet (Stones) pattern, and the blanket was designed solely for Finnair use. Each New York flight is stocked with 250 of these freshly laundered snuggly blankets.

Blueberry juice

Finnair started serving blueberry juice on its short-haul flights in 2014. Soon, passengers asked for the beverage on long-haul flights, too. Now passengers consume more than one million litres per year. The New York flight carries 48 litres. Blueberries are often referred to as a superfood.


Finnair’s first-aid kit is called the Medibox, though it is a canvas purse. Among other things, the Medibox includes bandages, earplugs, nose spray, a thermometer, and anti-diarrhea medication. Each flight has two first aid kits and a total of 48 bandages. Paper cuts are the most common inflight injury.

Fazer chocolate

No New York flight takes off without 150 to 200 individually wrapped Fazer chocolates onboard, served mainly in Business Class. Economy Class passengers may get Fazer chocolates as dessert. Passengers also buy about 100,000 Fazer chocolate bars from Finnair’s inflight tax-free shopping catalogue each year.

Hot towels

Hot towels are offered to passengers before meals. In Business Class these are terry cloth towels, and in Economy Class they are cloth paper towels. Flight attendants heat them with hot water. On the New York flight, Finnair serves 250 in Economy Class and 100 in Business Class.

Sky high Wi-Fi

Finnair’s long-haul fleet, A330 and A350 aircraft, are equipped with Wi-Fi. Finnair offers a complimentary Nordic Sky portal where customers can access a variety of newspapers and magazines with their own device. Internet access can be purchased through the Nordic Sky portal.

Stain remover wipes

These wipes are small, but crucial to the flight. They are needed often – for instance, when wine or food spills onto a passenger’s shirt. The wipes have been a Finnair staple for decades and are made in Finland. There are always 32 wipes onboard.

Menu cards

Finnair’s Business Class multi-language wine list is the same on all flights and changes every six months. The food menu changes quarterly and its content and language varies based on the aircraft’s route. Printed in Finland, the menu cards introduce the Finnair Signature Chefs and their corresponding meals.

Dry ice

Have you ever wondered how food and drinks stay cold on a flight? The answer is dry ice, which is made of carbon dioxide and frozen down to -79 degrees Celsius. The crew handles dry ice with gloves. The New York flight carries 39 packages of dry ice, weighing 1 kilogram each.


The Helsinki-New York round-trip is flown with 2,383 napkins onboard. Their weight totals 7 kilograms and the napkins are used during food and drink service. Finnair’s signature napkins feature iconic Marimekko prints. Maija Isola’s Kivet (Stones) print can be found both on napkins and paper cups, while her Koppelo (Wood Grouse) and Lokki (Gull) prints can also be found on paper cups.

Text Mirva Lempiäinen
Photos Finnair



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