3 beautiful places to just be

3 beautiful places to just be

Life can get hectic. Finnair Chief Purser Ami Niemelä shares her recipe for summer zen.



I just love the superb collection of amazing impressionist works at the Art Institute of Chicago. Wandering among these stunning pieces of art makes you forget the world around you. Plus, the museum is steps from Lake Michigan.


Lake Kuusijärvi in Vantaa lies within a 20-minute drive from Helsinki Airport. I grab my rescue buoy and take a long relaxing swim in the lake. The open-for-everyone smoke sauna after the swim tops off the zen moment. Heads-up: Lake Kuusijärvi is not only for serene summer dips. It’s worth a visit in the winter for ice swimming. Get that ­magical endorphin rush!

New York City

Nat Sherman Townhouse on the corner of 5th Avenue and 42nd Street is a walk-in upscale cigar humidor. I don’t smoke but I still love this place. Stepping into the store is like going back in time. The specialist vendors are dressed up in tailor-made suits and the leisurely atmosphere makes time stand still.

Sauna after a swim tops off the experience.

The gorgeous Art Institute of Chicago.


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