7 wellness hacks to keep in mind while you travel

7 wellness hacks to keep in mind while you travel

These simple tips from the wellness pros at Hintsa Performance will make your flight so much healthier and happier.


1. Stick to regular mealtimes

Your body is not used to digesting food at night so it’s wise to keep your mealtimes as normal as possible. This means eating at the right time even in the air until you can switch over to your destination’s time zone.

2. Keep up energy levels with healthy snacks

The best snack is always “real food” such as fruits, vegetables, or berries with some nuts, seeds, eggs, meat, or dairy. If possible, avoid constant snacking to allow your digestive system time to rest.

3. Skip the booze for better sleep

It’s recommended to drink 2.5 dl of water per hour on longer flights. Although you may be tempted to order alcohol and/or caffeinated beverages, these drinks interfere with your sleep and promote fluid loss. Juice should only be consumed in small quantities as it is high in sugar.

4. Make the most of micro exercises

Have time to waste at the airport? Consider going for a walk or doing a bit of stretching and mobility exercises to get rid of any stiffness! If possible, choose accommodation that offers fitness opportunities either on site or in the neighbourhood.

5. Boost your sleep onboard

Pro tip:  Start your trip well rested. Try to gradually shift your rhythm a few days prior to your trip and continue to shift your clock during the flight by sleeping as close as possible to your destination time zone. Comfortable clothing also makes a difference – bring along earplugs, an eye mask, and a travel pillow.

6. Be gentle on your body

Jet lag is hard on the body. Light exercise can be helpful but give yourself time to recover before starting any strenuous exercise routine.

7. Recharge your mental batteries

One of the benefits of travelling is the occasional “do nothing but sit and be still.” Most of us are not necessarily good at this but flights are an opportunity to practice. Relish the moments when all you can do is be still, listen, think, and reflect.

You can enjoy wellbeing content from Hintsa Performance and Yogaia through Finnair’s IFE entertainment system onboard A330 and A350 aircraft.


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