Best bet to see the Northern Lights

Best bet to see the Northern Lights

The aurora borealis is once again dancing in the northern skies. Finnair A330 first officer Valtteri Murto reveals how to get a front-row seat when not on the flight deck.


Pole position

The best opportunity for aurora spotting happens over northern Siberia. Finnair flights using this polar route are the afternoon departures from Helsinki towards Japan, Seoul, and northern China. Another good chance for a sighting are flights departing from America when the flight path is over Canada or Greenland.

Seat assignment

For the best view, book the window seat on the left and keep an eye out the window about two to three hours after departure.

See the magic

Lapland is always a safe bet for aurora spotting, but mostly from the ground.

Northern skies provide an extra-ordinary view over the Atlantic.

Behind the flight deck door, your second-best seat is a left window seat.

Expert tip

Download an app to monitor real-time auroral activity, and don’t forget to wipe your window before taking photos!


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