Do you have an eye for photography?

Do you have an eye for photography?

Copenhagen-based art director and photographer Simon Larsen has an eye for the offbeat charm. Learn tricks of the trade for capturing small details of life.


What inspired you to start photographing your life in Copenhagen?

When Instagram launched in 2011, I found myself looking – almost unconsciously – for objects, architecture, and city scenes to post on my profile.

What’s the most ­beautiful thing about Danish life?

The Danish design heritage and the way we appreciate beautiful objects and architecture. If you surround yourself with beauty in buildings and nature, it affects your happiness.

How do you find such extraordinary details?

Often something just catches the ­corner of my eye. When I visit a cool place, it feels like every little corner is just waiting to be photographed.

Share an odd city secret?

Maybe it’s not really a secret since it’s generally well-known: You can go for a swim in several places in the inner harbour. It’s a great thing to be able to do this in an urban environment.

Working in the city and living in the countryside switches up my perspective.

Always keep an eye open for the little details.

Sometimes a messy corner makes for a great image.


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