Eight ways to hack your next Finnair flight

Eight ways to hack your next Finnair flight

Six free ways to make your flight more comfortable – plus two ways to save money!


Whether you’re a Finnair Plus frequent flyer or only travel for the occasional holiday, you probably want to make your flight as comfortable and convenient as possible. We’re listing below some tips that will help you make the most of your flight.

Six free tips

1. Avoid stress by checking in 36 hours before your flight. This way you’ll get to choose a really good seat! If you’re travelling to the US, you can check in 24 hours before your flight.

2. Talking about seat selection, if you’re flying during the winter and especially on a route to or from Northern Asia that flies over northern Russia, select a window seat. If you get lucky, you might get a free show of the Northern Lights!

3. If you’re planning to stay in Finland (which we highly recommend), ask for travel tips from our cabin crew. They know the coolest places in Helsinki and other cities and will be delighted to tell you about our beautiful archipelago and Lapland.

4. Forgot to take your book on a flight where our inflight entertainment system is not available? Open your browser and go to nordic-sky.finnair.com. You’ll be able to listen to free audiobooks, read newspapers, and get information about your destination. You can also read the digital version of Blue Wings without buying internet access.

5. If you’re flying with one of our A350 planes, pack your favourite headphones and use them for tuning into our inflight entertainment system. You can also use them with your own adapter on our A330 planes. In the A350 there are USB outlets, while the A330 has universal electrical outlets, so pack your charger as well!

6. Feeling thirsty? Remember that you can get complimentary soft drinks from the back of the plane throughout the flight – just ask our cabin crew!

Bonus: Two money-saving tips

1. Did you know you can pay for inflight snacks with Finnair Plus points? Another great reason to start collecting points!

2. If you’re going away for a short trip and plan to bring back lots of shopping items or souvenirs, buy an Economy Light ticket and only travel with a carry-on to your destination. Before your return flight, buy additional baggage online. It’ll still be more affordable than buying a standard Economy ticket. Remember that it’s cheaper to buy additional baggage online than at the airport.








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