Five tips for gay-friendly travel

Five tips for gay-friendly travel

Blogger couple Karl & Daan explore the world looking for LGBTQ+ travel inspiration.


What inspired you to start a gay travel blog?

We hope to inspire people to travel the world like we do which is open-minded, respectful, and with a happy heart.

How do you choose your locations?

Most important is the wow moment when you find a gorgeous destination! And then we check how safe and gay-friendly the place is.

What’s your all-time favourite destination?

Japan will always be one of our favourites. We love the respect that is so deeply engraved in Japanese culture next to all the quirky things.

How do you relax on the go?

We always try to combine urban gay life with outdoor adventures. Activities like white water rafting can truly calm you down.

Any tips for the upcoming Pride season?

This year will be a great rainbow year with World Pride in New York and EuroPride in Vienna.

Spotting toucans from a hot tub in Costa Rica.

Calming down with a view over Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada.

Climbing the Svínafellsjökull Glacier in Iceland.