Four ways to leave a smaller carbon footprint

Four ways to leave a smaller carbon footprint

Chief purser Elina Rantala shares her eco-smart tips for travelling with a conscience.


Near or far?

The closer you stay while travelling the more eco-smart you are. But we need to fly farther to explore the world. Did you know that Finnair A350 aircraft uses less fuel and therefore produces fewer emissions due to new technology?

Hit the water

Active holidays are a great way to shift your ­perspective. For those who love water sports, try one of these: surfing the waves of Biarritz off the Atlantic coast, stand-up paddling in Chicago on Lake Michigan, or learning to kitesurf in the Caribbean. One thing to remember, though. Make sure that your sunscreen is coral-reef friendly!

Good night’s sleep

You definitely support the local economy by frequenting the smaller hotels and restaurants while travelling. But by choosing an eco-certified hotel, you can be sure that your home-away-from-home is more ecological and sustainable in terms of business.

Think before you use

Excessive use of plastic is a collective concern and every action counts – even tiny ones. Consider using cosmetics that are free of microplastics and invest in a reusable water bottle and coffee cup. We can all do our part by leaving as little behind as possible.


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