Get wonderfully lost in Florence

Get wonderfully lost in Florence

Travel writer Nardia Plumridge is intoxicated by Italy’s charms.


What made you fall in love with Florence?

I’ve been visiting since I was fifteen years old and always felt Florence had a magical aura. There’s something about the narrow cobblestone streets, the smell of coffee, the sound of cyclists, and the chatter in Italian that is spellbinding.

What’s the best thing about today’s Tuscany?

Its artisan heritage where classic craftsmanship is still retained, but with a modern twist. You can visit stunning studios and meet the artists at work, too.

Which Italian food do you miss when you’re away?

I really miss gelato when away – nothing tastes as good as ice cream in Italy!

Share your favourite hideout in Florence?

Torrigiani Garden is magical and truly “secret” – you can visit only by appointment to arrange a private tour.

How do you find surprising sides of a city?

Just walk and venture into those little back streets to get lost, in the most adventurous sense, to see what you can truly discover.

Tea time overlooking Torrigiani Garden.

Nothing beats the sweet smell of fresh Italian coffee.

All roads lead to Rome.


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