Good news from the flight deck

Good news from the flight deck

Smart software in the A350 cockpit enables Finnair pilots to optimise fuel efficiency while en-route.


It is possible to become more sustainable in the air. And now, new software in the cockpit computer takes sustainability one step further. As part of Finnair’s fuel efficiency programme, all A350 are equipped with Pacelab Flight Profile Optimiser (PACE) vertical flight optimisation software providing pilots with a tool to fly in the most efficient way as possible. In addition to fuel and cost savings, the software brings environmental benefits, too, as carbon dioxide is reduced.

According to Tom Hakala, fleet technical pilot and A320 captain, “This software provide pilots with better visibility in terms of flight efficiency. For instance, the programme optimises changes to flight altitude or speed and displays the effect on fuel consumption and flight time. The programme also includes a function that detects a more accurate forecast of possible turbulence.”

Finnair pilots tested the software on 100 flights last summer and autumn. Analyses showed clear fuel savings which still improves the good operational efficiency of A350 aircraft.



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