How to fuel your wanderlust

How to fuel your wanderlust

Finnair cabin crew member Karoliina Åman’s travel philosophy is simple: capture the moment.


Take in the destination

I love to take in a destination by simply walking around, taking photos, and breathing in the air. Whether it’s in a big city like Lisbon or in a small French village, I try to stay away from shopping malls and choose to wander the colourful little streets and alleyways.

Seek out the little details

With my camera as my companion, I seek out those little details and hidden spots that have a story to tell. Most of the time the best cafés can be found tucked away in an alley, away from the swarm of tourists. Sitting under an olive tree, drinking my coffee, and just being in the moment is really my cup of tea (or coffee)! Travelling is not something that I need to check off my to-do list but something I want to cherish.

Choose the alley less travelled

My all-time favourite destination is the South of France with its beautiful quaint villages and amazing colourful alleys. Next time you are walking around, choose the alley less travelled. Who knows what hidden gems await!

Lisbon’s nostalgic tram 28.

Wall paintings like this in Lisbon make buildings much more interesting.

Enjoying the moment in Collobrières, the South of France.


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