How to stay fit while travelling

How to stay fit while travelling

As an eternal optimist and athlete, Aleksandra Blinnikka is always on the move. She says the best way to appreciate a city is to explore it from a different vantage point: from hiking to paddling to windsurfing.


Hike Mount Huashan

If you’re in awe of Mother Nature and an epic vista view, don’t miss this mountain top hike east of Xi’an, China. The trek will definitely double as your leg day workout because it’s all about stairs! You’ll see.

Paddle out in Portugal

The coast is a perfect place to learn how to surf. There are loads of beaches for beginners as well as for pro surfers. So put on a wetsuit and hit the water. Enjoy sun, sea, and good vibes.

Windsurf in Rhodes

If you want to learn a new sport, try windsurfing. There are many places that rent equipment and offer lessons. There’s nothing better than feeling the speed of your windsurfer gliding across the clear blue water.

Cycle San Francisco

There are great cycling paths both in and outside of the city. Despite the hills, you can bike to the key landmarks, parks, and historic sites−even across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Explore a city from a different vantage point.

Mount Huashan is one of the Five Great Mountains of China.


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