Let your mind fly (and your body will follow)

Let your mind fly (and your body will follow)

Finnair Chief Purser Anne Andersson shares food for thought for body and soul.


1. Urban flavor

The Wynwood Walls in Miami are best-known for their mind-blowing graffiti. The art may still be considered vandalism, but it is indeed a rapidly evolving artform. In the artist’s mind, no one “owns” the canvas, rather anybody can take over.

2. Sweat & smile

Finnair gets your body flying but working out gets one’s mind flying! One of my favourite activities is to hike the Mount Fuji region of Japan. The breathtaking scenery on the ascent will certainly make your heart race. And afterwards on the descent to the valley, enjoy an original Japanese hot spring spa in the village of Moto Hakone.

3. Nourish to flourish

One cannot escape the mantra of nutrition. Be it a salmon bagel sandwich in New York City, hot pots in China, ramen and gyoza in little local diners in Japan, or mango sticky rice in Thailand. But for those of us who are often far and away, nothing beats the regular week night dinner with family or a weekend cooking session with family and friends.

4. Calm is a superpower

You can do anything, but you cannot do everything. How can we balance the fine line of not over-doing it? The answer is simple: take time for yourself.

Mount Fuji is approx. two hours by train from Tokyo.

Ramen noodles are a popular dish in Japan.


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