Meet 9 Finnair employees who turned passion into profession

Meet 9 Finnair employees who turned passion into profession

For some it’s about the marshmallow clouds, for others it’s the thrill of the take-off. In Finnair’s multicultural workforce, everyone has different reasons that make their work special.


Sara Mosebar is an A350 Fleet Engineer and Retrofit Manager from the US, based in Finland. “Ever since I was a little girl, watching airplanes fly across the Texan sky, I couldn’t help but wonder how such large objects could stay up in the air; that’s why I studied Aerospace Engineering.”


Anna Törnblom is a flight attendant living in Porvoo, Finland. She works both short and long-haul flights. “Flying is full of adventures, new countries, and people. I learn something new every day. It really opens up a new world.”


Doris Chen is Finnair’s Cargo Sales Manager based in Shanghai, China. “Flying is a way to say hello to the world. I have learned how different people work and live, and that there are different ways of working, which has made me a more tolerant person.”


Stan Kwong, Hong Kong-based Area Sales Manager, develops effective sales strategies and cooperation with travel trade partners. “Since I spend most of my time working with hospitality and tourism, the one thing that I care most about is the quality of the services onboard.” Kwong’s work takes him to South China, Taiwan, Shanghai, and Finland.


Ya nan Guo is an Airport Service Manager based in Shanghai, China. “Before I joined Finnair, I had never taken a flight in my life. Civil aviation has always been a mystery to me, which made it more attractive. After I started this job I realised how much flying changes people’s lives. The world becomes smaller and people are better connected.”


Katja Podduikin is a Helsinki-based Inflight Supervisor who has always been fascinated by speaking different languages and getting to know other cultures. “What I love is the way I am able to make the customer feel onboard the aircraft. My personal goal for each flight is to make the customer feel like a very welcomed guest.”


Rikke Christensen, Vice President Traffic Planning, is from Denmark and based in Finland. Whenever on a plane, she is interested in the specific aircraft type and in meeting the crew, especially if it’s Finnair personnel. “I think that’s how it is when you work in this industry.” Christensen travels every week. “I normally spend my time onboard working and reflecting.”


Wiktor Matuszewski is a Client Manager who lives in Warsaw, Poland. “The difference between me and my family or friends is that I probably board a flight like I would be hopping on a bus. Personally, I really like the take-off. I love the acceleration and when the wheels lose contact with the ground I think off we go!”

Text Carina Chela
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