Meet four interns who kick-started their career at Finnair

Meet four interns who kick-started their career at Finnair

Finnair is hiring interns for next summer – but what’s it really like to work here?


Finnair is on the lookout for future talent in Aircraft Engineering, Commercial operations, Communications, Finance, and People & Culture. The full-time internship lasts from four to six months with a flexible starting date during 2020.

So what’s it like to intern at Finnair? Here’s what some of our former interns have to say

Mari Kanerva, Communications Specialist, 28:

“I initially applied for an internship position at Finnair because I thought it was one of the most interesting companies in Finland. Aviation is a fascinating industry!

As an intern at Finnair’s communications, my assignments covered everything from answering media desk calls to updating social media, writing press releases, and doing outreach to journalists. I even got to meet Finland’s ice hockey team by doing a Facebook Live with them!

After her internship, Mari did a 7-month stint at Finavia. When a new comms position opened at Finnair, Mari was hired back. She now works as a Communications Specialist and shares her time between Finnair and Aurinkomatkat. Mari frequently takes media to press trips and sits in the Aurinkomatkat management team.”

✈  Mari’s tip to prospective interns: “I wanted to work in communications, but when I applied for an internship there weren’t any comms positions available. I applied for another role but got hired at communications. Even if you don’t see your own field on the list, it’s totally worth it to apply!”

Oskari Nihtilä, Maintenance Analytics Engineer, 28:

“I started as an intern in March 2018 supporting Finnair’s maintenance operations and development through data analytics. My role was was actually more varied than I had expected. I was able to start learning about aircraft operating systems, which was super interesting. I felt like I was able to make an impact and figure out how to improve things.

I got hired as a permanent employee six months after starting as an intern. One of the best things about Finnair is that it’s possible to change roles and work in different parts of the organisation. Going forward, I’d love to try working in operations or in another technical role to get a more holistic understanding of how an airline actually works.”

✈  Oskari’s tip to prospective interns: “The first round of interviews is done through video. Just relax and be yourself!”

Noora Tauriainen, Engineering Intern, 23:

“I’m currently studying Aircraft Engineering at Tampere University and started my internship in Engineering this spring. Since I didn’t have too many courses for this autumn, I ended up continuing in a fixed-term role as a Project Purchaser for Finnair’s new Premium Economy concept.

The greatest thing about interning at Finnair is that you’re treated like any other team member. You get to work on challenging and interesting tasks both independently and together with your team. People here are really nice and it’s obvious they’re proud to work at Finnair. This makes it fun to come to work every day!”

✈  Noora’s tip for prospective interns: “Whether it’s the application letter, video interview, or in-person interview, just be yourself!”

Teemu Anttikoski, Revenue Analyst at Aurinkomatkat, 27:

“I started my internship as a Customer Service Analyst in May 2018. I was tasked with creating an analytics portal and resourcing plan for Aurinkomatkat customer service. After six months, I began working in the supply team for the Now Here service, sourcing hotels and looking after the technical implementation.

Today, I work at Aurinkomatkat pricing. It’s been rewarding to work with so many different projects under one roof! I’ve been able to create my own roles and make improvements. The different teams and departments at Finnair work together really well.

The Finnair interns also had a great team spirit. We had weekly lunches and free time activities together.”

✈  Teemu’s tip for prospective interns: “Just go for the role that you’re excited about and emphasise your interest and experience in the application.”


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