Natural highs: Where to find your inner Aurora

Natural highs: Where to find your inner Aurora

Norwegian electro-pop singer-songwriter Aurora spends much of her time in the studio and touring the world, but whenever she has a free moment, she heads for a nature break to rest and recharge.


“Mother Nature is my biggest inspiration,” says Aurora Aksnes. “Nature is the closest thing there is to true magic.” Here are her top five happy places:

Green therapy

The forest makes me so happy, especially the Scandinavian woods with their tall dark trees, as I like to be alone and feel like I’m the only one left in the world; it gives me peace of mind.

Water wellness

I love the feeling of being on top of the ocean in a sailboat because the ocean is so mysterious and sometimes even aggressive. I also love swimming in the sea, feeling the water around me.

High up

The mountains in Norway and other places are good for everyone to get some fresh air, and some time to think which can give you solutions to your problems.

Being little again

Walking through big fields with tall grass like on a farm gives me the peaceful feeling of being a small child.

Above the world

I like to be in a tree. I’m an excellent climber and I love the view from the branches, while being hidden and isolated.

Text Katja Pantzar
Photos Kim Öhrling and iStock