On a quest for digital talent

On a quest for digital talent

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As you might have noticed already before, we are recruiting massively for various digital positions. From a recruiter’s point of view this opportunity of sourcing Software Developers has been extremely interesting. Our journey started in December 2016 when we decided to transform our traditional recruitment process into a more agile process.

Having an ambitious goal of finding a massive group of digital talents, without wanting to make any concessions on the quality, was our starting point. For me this meant having the opportunity to work with our Head of Digital Solutions Development, Seppo Pöyhönen, and digging deeper into our digitalization program at Finnair. As our candidates and I have noticed: The digital possibilities inside our organization as well as in our customer interface are amazingly broad – even the sky is not the limit for us!

In general, a significant part of finding digital talents is about selling the right job to the right person. We didn´t want to settle down just for that. Our goal has been to find the perfect match for both the candidate as well as for us. The more I contacted potential people, the more I understood how important it is to let candidates see precisely what software development is at Finnair. Our recipe is giving the candidate a realistic view in our teams and projects – without any underrating or exaggeration. We believe that this is important in order to find committed people.

A couple of weeks ago we organized a morning event for potential candidates. We were hosted by teams who are responsible for developing software for finnair.com as well as our Inflight Entertainment System (IFE). Team Leads from Reaktor and Frantic showed their work and our guests were encouraged to ask questions. According to the given feedback, this visit added value on the decision making process of the potential candidates. When working in a growing industry, with modern tools, with excited people – we are proud of introducing our work to curious talents. Also in the future we are looking forward to arranging such events and excursions.

During this recruitment drive, I have had many interesting discussions with software developers from Finland and abroad as well. Part of these discussions has been hearing how things are done in other companies and finding out if candidates have ideas on how things could be done here even better. In talent search it is extremely important to have a deeper understanding of the team and the ways of working.

Building our digital organization has been a continuous learning process. Our project group is putting a lot of effort in building the most suitable circumstances for our new employees in order to keep them motivated to work for us in the future as well. The best thing about building something new is the opportunity to actually create new teams who get to create their own culture.

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