On the road with a travel blogger – March

On the road with a travel blogger – March

A Q&A with Saara Helkala, who fell for the light of Lisbon and never left.


How did you end up living in Lisbon?

I came here for a holiday and fell in love with the colours and the light of the city. I ended up moving here to study.

What is your favourite detail of the city?

It is in fact still the light. More specifically the light around 8:30 pm in the summer, an hour before sunset when the light hits all the ­pastel-coloured buildings, beautiful tiles, and ­cobblestone pavement. Walking around feels like being in a beautiful movie setting.

If you could time travel into historical ­Lisbon, which year would you pick?

My late grandfather travelled to Lisbon in the ’50s and filmed it with his old cini film camera. I never got to see the films since they were damaged. I wish I could see the city as he saw it!

Share a Lisbon secret?

I’d have to say Jardim da Tapada das Necessidades. It’s an abandoned giant garden with old palace-like buildings and ­beautiful plants. Pack a picnic and enjoy quiet time away from the noisy city.

Drinking coffee in Lisbon is serious business.

Beautiful tiles adorn the city's buildings.

Colours abound in the flowers and decorative cobblestone called calçada.


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