San Francisco TOP 3

San Francisco TOP 3

As Finnair starts non-stop flights from Helsinki to San Francisco, it’s a great reason for me to go there for a little getaway holiday. It’s also one of my favorite cities to visit in the US but until now, it has felt a bit too distant to visit regularly. The new straight flights starting on June 1 will change that!

What do I think are the best things to do in San Francisco? Here’s my TOP 3:

1. Beaches and parks

I love San Francisco’s nature! It has its seaside and Californian parks. In the urban paradise of the Golden Gate Park there’s even a herd of buffalo lumbering across a field. Renting a bike, jogging and walking are always the best part of my holidays in SF.

2. Bars and cafes on the North Beach

The old playgrounds of the Beat writers are something to experience! One of the most famous book store, City Lights, is just on the next corner from Bar Vesuvio which was a regular meeting spot for Jack Kerouac and his friends. According to a legend, Mr. Coppola wrote the script for Godfather by sitting in Caffe Trieste. These corners still have stories to tell.

3. Restaurants

Fisherman’s Wharf, North Beach and Chinatown area – if somebody said that the best restaurants in the US were there, I wouldn’t doubt it. Even as a vegan, I really think so!

San Francisco is an easy-going city. As a tourist, it is very relaxing just to walk around, see the sights and chill out. It never ceases to surprise! You never get used to those hills. The most important thing is to remember to pack your best walking shoes!

Enjoy SF & please say hello if you see me there!


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