Showing our pride

Showing our pride

Equality is a matter of the heart. Business cannot succeed without sustainable, equal footing.


Flying, air safety, and international customer service require a positive team spirit, respect for each other, and long-term work to achieve common goals.

One of the key elements of wellbeing in the workplace is that everyone has a just and fair working environment. At Finnair, we take a stand on unequal treatment. We respect each other and embrace diversity, whether it is a question of education, ethnic background, or sexual orientation. Common rules are important, and together we stick to them.

We are also committed to the global UN Agenda2030 for sustainable development, and our commitment specifically emphasises equality and diversity in customer service and the work community.

Equality is the foundation for all work and operations at Finnair. Respecting each other is the richness of which a healthy and trusting culture is built upon.

I wish you all an equal and enjoyable Pride week!


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