Your top 5 questions about our inflight food service answered

Your top 5 questions about our inflight food service answered

You asked and we answered: The five most often asked questions about airplane food onboard Finnair flights.


1. Is food included in my ticket price?

Food is included in the ticket price in all Business Class flights. In Economy Class, you’ll receive a generous and tasty hot meal on long-haul flights to and from Asia and North America. If you’re still hungry after the meal, you can purchase snacks and drinks from our onboard Nordic Kitchen selection. For Economy Class flights in Europe and the Middle East, meals are not included in the ticket price, but we will serve you fresh beverages such as coffee and refreshments for free.

If food isn’t included in your ticket price, don’t worry – you can always pre-order either a tasty sandwich, salad, snack, or a meal depending on your flight. You can also purchase a snack onboard.

2. Can I choose what to eat during the flight?

When travelling in Finnair’s Economy Class on long-haul flights, there will always be a few meal options during the first meal service, but unfortunately due to limited storage space onboard, some dishes will run out due to demand. If you have any special dietary requirements, let us know in advance and they will provide you with a suitable meal. In long-haul Business Class flights, you can treat yourself by choosing your three-course meal’s main course from three different alternatives or by pre-ordering a meal designed for you.

To enjoy the meal or a snack of your preference, you can either purchase it onboard or beforehand. For flights to and from central and southern Europe, you can indulge in a delicious three-course meal by ordering a seat and meal package. You can also upgrade your first complimentary meal to a delicious high-quality pre-order meal on selected intercontinental routes departing from Helsinki.

3. Why do you sometimes run out of onboard sold sandwiches?

Food is an important part of a flight and we do our best to ensure there are enough products on sale. We reserve sandwiches and other products for flights according to the demand of the previous flights and we always make room for extra. Unfortunately, the predictions don’t always match demand which means certain products may run out. As the space reserved for storing food is rather limited in the aircraft, and as we also aim to reduce food waste, we are not able to reserve too many extra portions. To be sure you get to enjoy your favourite dish – you can always pre-order online!

4. Why does the food taste different in the air?

No many people know this, but food can actually taste different in the air! At high altitude, the air pressure and low humidity make it more difficult for passengers to taste different flavours. Studies show that an airplane’s engine noise can reduce our sense of taste. To compensate, airline meals may contain slightly higher levels of sodium which is the reason why airline food eaten on the ground may taste salty.

5. Does Finnair offer special meals for special diets?

Finnair serves a wide variety of special meals onboard its flights for customers with special food requests. Over 20 different special meal options are available in Business Class and over 10 in Economy Class. The selection of special meals includes  vegetarian, low-salt, gluten-free, and low-lactose, among others. If you have special dietary requirements, let us know in advance and they will provide a suitable meal.




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