Welcome start-ups!

Welcome start-ups!

When our CEO Pekka Vauramo presented the latest financial results to employees, one sentence he said got stuck in my head: What is the next unique offering for our customers?”


Agile experimentation is a key to survive in a complex and fast-changing environment like travel. We all should think how we can be better, faster, more innovative to succeed. Agile experimentation is about trying out new approaches, processes, business models. It’s about learning, adjusting, fast decision making and changing of scope. It’s about trial and error. Maybe not something that one would instantly associate with an airline, especially a legacy carrier such as Finnair although we have been pioneers in many aspects. Luckily, we do not need to do the experimentation alone. We are moving to a networked way of doing business, building an ecosystem of our own.

Start-up engagement is one approach to widen and deepen Finnair ecosystem and to provide a better opportunity for agile experimentation.

There are several good reasons for start-ups to engage with Finnair:

1. Finnair is in a good position to test the new technologies with a huge international customer base. Facial recognition proof of concept at the Helsinki airport in May was a good example on how we can test immature technology without investing in internal competence building and development. Another experiment we have been involved is machine learning and chatbots with two different start-ups this year.

2. We at Finnair think that this business is all about the people. Need-based innovation and co-creation is key for our business – and this is what start-ups are often masters of.

3. We can also learn from each other. Start-ups are agile, quick to innovate new concepts, and fast to identify arising consumer needs or changes in consumer behaviour – we happily welcome new ideas to boost this approach in our every-day-life as well.

With forward-looking technology solutions, user-centred innovation and ways of working start-ups can give dynamic push to Finnair growth ambitions.

This is the second year for Finnair to co-operate with one of the world’s leading start-up events Slush. This year we are inviting start-ups and creative individuals to take part in our Pitch for Future challenge. Want to hear more? Check here!


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