What makes a good travel photo?

What makes a good travel photo?

Australian photographer Rachel Li finds magic in the little things and shares how she captures the hues of Down Under.


What made you fall in love with photography?

I was always the designated photographer on family holidays with a camera in my hands. It gave me the freedom to capture the emotions behind a certain time and place.

What captivates you when taking photos?

Colours! I rarely photograph in black and white because I’m always fascinated by different hues − the blues of the ocean or the gradient of a sunset.

Share a secret to discovering new sides of a destination?

Keep an open mind and be inquisitive, even when exploring your hometown. No two photos are ever the same.

Favourite season to photograph?

Any time of day in winter and spring. Although the days are shorter, I feel like the sun is softer and the cloudy days are more dramatic. It’s also much more comfortable taking photos when I’m not melting in the sun!

Nature’s colour palette near Queenstown, New Zealand

Decadent edible art at Melbourne’s Calia Collective

Spa country tones at Daylesford, Australia


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