What makes a sustainable airline?

What makes a sustainable airline?

When it comes to sustainability in air travel, customers have a choice. But how do you know that an airline flies green both in the air and on the ground?


Finnair recently published its Sustainability Report 2018, which is filled with detailed information about the company’s longstanding commitment to environmental and corporate responsibility.

Looking back over ten years of reporting, Kati Ihamäki, Finnair’s Director, Corporate Sustainability, recalls that the discussion about climate change and efforts to minimise it has been ongoing. “Airlines decide whether to invest in modern technology, recycle waste, reduce energy ­consumption, and care for employee wellbeing,” she says. “As the customer, you decide on the kind of airline you support.”

The latest initiative that helps customers choose Finnair is the Push for Change service launched in January by means of which customers can offset and reduce the emissions of their flights.

“We introduced this service based on research results,” says Ihamäki. “Push for Change offers customers the opportunity to purchase biofuel to be used in our flight operations or support the use of low emission cooking stoves in Mozambique.”

The report also describes every aspect of ­Finnair’s sustainability activity, ranging from modern fleet investments to occupational health and wellbeing at work, human rights, and waste management.

Text Tim Bird
Photo Finnair


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