Why Iceland is so magical

Why Iceland is so magical

Finnish author Satu Rämö fell for the imposing beauty of Iceland and shares why she still loves this little island nation – especially in the winter.


How did you end up in Iceland?

I first came here as an exchange student in 2003. I kept coming back and on one of those trips, I met my husband-to-be.

Winter in Iceland, chilling or magical?

Magical, definitely. The Icelandic horses are plump and fluffy and wonderful to ride in the wintry landscapes. The weather is brisk and windy, but the hot springs are always blissfully hot.

What captivates you most about life there?

I am forever enchanted by the volcanoes, the glaciers, and the tough little horses. The Icelandic people might be few in number, but they all seem to have this wonderful energy in everything they do.

Share a secret spot in Iceland?

The natural thermal spring in the valley of Heydalur in the Westfjords is amazingly relaxing.