Iceland’s trendiest chocolate

Iceland’s trendiest chocolate

Satisfy your sweet tooth at Omnom Chocolate in Reykjavik where charcoal is the new black!


Possibly one of the world’s first black chocolates, Omnom’s recently launched Black n’ Burnt Barley Chocolate is made from brewer’s malt, barley, and hints of coffee. Activated charcoal, another trending ingredient in the culinary world, brings the dark colour.

“This is truly one of the most unique flavours we’ve worked on,” says Kjartan Gíslason, who co-founded Iceland’s delicious Omnom Chocolate Reykjavík with Óskar Þórðarson in 2013.

Activated charcoal brings black colour to dark chocolate.


“Dark chocolate is trending and everyone is looking at it in a new light,” says Gíslason.

As the popularity of dark chocolate grows around the world for its numerous health benefits – it’s an antioxidant-rich super food, for example – Omnom has long been ahead of the curve with a selection of carefully sourced dark chocolate bars.

“Our Madagascar 66% dark chocolate has incredible notes of tart sour cherries and red berries, whereas Nicaragua 73% has an earthier, almost mushroomy, funk. That difference mainly comes from the source,” he says.

Omnom factory tours in the downtown harbour area of Reykjavik are available every weekday at 2 pm.

Text Katja Pantzar
Photos Marko Rantanen


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