Resolve to be healthier: upgrade your daily oats

Resolve to be healthier: upgrade your daily oats

It’s easy to take your breakfast routine seriously with our picks of the world’s leading oatmeal eateries.


1. Denmark’s GRØD bills itself as the world’s first porridge bar, with four cafés in Copenhagen and one in Arhus. Try their organic gluten-free oat-­quinoa porridge, which can also be ordered online.

2. London’s lovely 26 Grains, tucked away in Neal’s Yard, serves up a range of porridge options and cold bowls including Apple & Cinnamon Bircher Muesli – almond milk soaked oats with apple, vanilla sauce, cinnamon, rye, and almond crunch.

3. NYC’s OatMeals lays claim to the title of “world’s first all-oatmeal café,” with close to 30 sweet and savoury oatmeal bowls. Sample the Chinese Style Congee Porridge with poached egg, scallions, and soy sauce – it takes the concept of oats to a whole new level.


Compiled by Katja Pantzar
Photo Amanda Soila


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