Smart news of February

Smart news of February

Four discoveries for a clever life.


1. Nordic wasabi

Jurt Hydroponics have created “a perfect day in Japan” in Iceland by developing a high-tech greenhouse to produce the notoriously hard-to-grow wasabi plant. Their aim is to supply fresh produce to high-end Nordic and fusion cuisine restaurants to replace the more common wasabi, which is actually horseradish, mustard, and green food colouring.

2. Goodbye plastic!

Cosmetics companies can now benefit from one of the world’s most sustainable packaging solutions for their products. Sulapac® combines wood chips and natural binders to create fully biodegradable packaging that is as pleasing to the eye as it is kind to the environment. Co-founder Suvi Haimi adds: “We are proud to be Nordic and share our message that every package makes a difference.”

3. Pop an e-wheelie

The electric bike trend in Finland is shifting up a gear courtesy of Wheelström and their three models designed for stylish, low-emission mobility. Kompis and Kaveri are the more traditional models while Gran Amigo takes on the popular cargo-bike look. All models have a 250-watt electric motor with a range of 50 kilometres.

4. Luggage with smarts

Bluesmart have recently released series 2 of their smart luggage range. And smart it truly is. In addition to storing belongings, it offers clever features such as GPS geo-tracking, self-weighing, and phone recharging, as well as the ability to sync up with your travel itinerary and device.

Compiled by Mark Fletcher



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